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Development of website, logo, corporate identity for the project, determination of the optimal design of publications and content templates



A landing page is the destination page on which you want visitors to enter your website. Getting customers to your website is the easy part; proper landing page design will get them to stay on your site, and convince them to follow through with a particular action.

We often run A/B/C/D split testing and continually test and analyze website landing pages in order to measure and improve conversion rates and increase customer ROI.


When designing a website for paid search traffic, you must keep in mind the four main factors that influence conversions.
  • Site navigation
  • Website speed
  • Calls to action
  • Mobile ready

A paid click is very different from a referral, organic or direct visit. Since you are paying for each visit from Google, you must maximize your opportunity for success.

We often build our clients a microsite or miniature version of their main website and focus on the core aspects of their product or service offering. Microsite design allows us to maintain a much higher level of control over our Google Ads Campaigns. Conversion tracking is the foundation for running a successful internet advertising campaign. Our job is to make sure that our Google Ads campaigns are tracked perfectly, so that we can deliver exact ROI figures for clients.

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Development of a logo, corporate identity for the project, determination of the optimal design of publications and content templates

The corporate style of the company is a complex style, and colour elements are embodied in a single image. The corporate identity was created not only to attract attention but also to make the company recognizable, to distinguish it from competitors.
Style is an integral part of a company’s brand book and its marketing strategy.

Corporate identity includes the following elements:

1. Logo

The most important element of the concept, reflecting the direction of the company, causing associations with a specific corporate object. The logo appears in one way or another in all types of design. More about creating a logo

2. Trademark

The company’s patented logo distinguishes a product or service from a large number of competitors. A registered trademark can be presented as a slogan or directly as a logo.

3. Other elements of corporate identity: envelope, letterhead, business card, booklet, certificate

Each component of the corporate identity gives the company solidity and elitism. A professionally designed style can be an extremely important part of your overall promotion and customer acquisition strategy.

Benefits of working with us:
We provide up to 3 options to choose from
Getting to the heart of the matter

Thinking over the integration of corporate identity into the company’s marketing

We provide original layouts in any popular formats
The development of corporate identity elements is possible in a variety of formats:

  • Raster graphics (png, jpg)
  • Vector graphics (Ai, Eps)
  • CorelDRAW format (cdr)
  • Adobe Photoshop (psd)

To transfer the project to the customer, we offer source codes for printing in the required format, compatible with printing requirements.

Also, we are not limited to standard formats and, if necessary, work with non-standard, specific material or products.



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