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Internet Marketing Consulting

Due to the many years of experience of Internet marketers and dozens of successful cases, the consultation service from All Visual Media will help you solve the necessary tasks.


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Free for new and existing customers

You are familiar with cases when agencies sell simple sites with a 5-6 times markup for their name, and the results leave much to be desired. This also applies to inflated budgets for SMM, contextual advertising, E-mail marketing, and so on.

Perhaps you or your friends have already encountered a situation where you need an intelligent Internet marketer, recommendations for advertising and positioning on the Internet: budgets, formats, settings. Or you need to launch and optimize an auto-funnel with online payment …

When prompt action is needed, online marketing consultations are an effective solution. The service is ideal for businessmen of different levels, entrepreneurs, top managers, directors and marketers.

Why Do You Need Internet Marketing Consulting?
It becomes necessary to consult on Internet marketing when it is not possible to solve the problem on your own, and you need a professional assessment of the situation and recommendations. A list of tasks that can be solved with the help of professional advice from an Internet marketer.

– Profitable website development;
— Recommendations on advertising and WEB-analytics;
– Setting up targeted advertising;
– Setting up contextual advertising;
— Launch of new advertising channels;
— Launch and optimization of auto-sales funnels;
— Planning video and content marketing.

With our help, problems in Internet marketing are solved efficiently and quickly.
Moreover, we can carry out the necessary work and tell you how to prevent difficulties in the future.

Benefits of Internet Marketing Consulting
Consultations are held in a format convenient for clients: by phone, Skype conferences or in person.
Typically, a consultation session consists of 4 stages:
1. Start of the project: Discussion of the details of the project, terms of cooperation, determination of the promotion strategy…;
2. Understanding the essence of the business: Determination of the client’s avatar, site analysis and initial launch of advertising tools;
3. Adjustment and implementation of the strategy: Adjustment of advertising tools, detailed analytics, creation and automation of a report on the effectiveness of marketing and advertising;
4. After the consultation, you have a clear understanding of the challenges that your business faces and what actions you need to take to strengthen your brand…

Internet marketing consulting helps to identify tasks and solve the main problems in the operation of a website or an online project.

An experienced DIGITAL marketing specialist acts as a mentor who introduces experience and technology, improving the level of terminology, tools and analytics of Internet marketing tools.

Knowing absolutely all aspects of an online business is a difficult task. Improve Media experts will help you effectively apply Internet marketing tools for these purposes.

How much does an online marketing consultation cost?
$25/hour. If those whom we advise order our Internet marketing services: setting up advertising, crediting the budget for contextual or targeted advertising, SMM, video or content marketing, the consultation is free of charge.

As a bonus
We open access to the used checklists from our knowledge base, and the client or his contractors have the opportunity to repeat the desired result on their own.



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