Our team

The marketing team of the allvisual media project

Project Manager

The person who coordinates the work of the team, keeps the client, entrepreneur informed of all events, solves all urgent problems.
Tasks for the project manager
prioritization of tasks;
ensuring communication in the “team-brand” format and within the team;
ensure that tasks are completed on time.

Marketing Manager (Digital Marketer)

This person understands marketing systematically. It is he who sets the vector for the development of projects that are being worked on.

Among the qualities useful in the work, the understanding of the psychology of user behavior, WEB-analytics and the technical component of marketing prevails. In other words, this person has a vision of how marketing should be arranged in order for the business to develop.

Tasks of the Internet (Digital) marketer:
  • draw up a marketing strategy for the business;
  • develop a global funnel;
  • determine the best tools: advertising channels, websites, landing pages;
  • properly coordinate the work of copywriters, designers, developers in order to implement the strategy;
  • analyze the received data, adapt the strategy and test new hypotheses.

Content manager (digital content creator)

This person is the “voice” of the brand. All content formats, new content development strategy, external publications and PR are on this person. In addition, it is he who manages the process of creating digital content for Improve Media projects.

Tasks of the content manager:
  • create a content strategy;
    work out a content matrix and form a content plan for a blog, social networks;
  • create content for the blog, external sites, social networks, email newsletters;
  • prepare texts for presentations, webinars, scripts for videos;
  • create texts for the site, landing pages, educational programs.


A person who packs meanings into a visual form and enhances communication.

Tasks for the designer

  • prepare a design for the website, landing pages, social networks;
  • create creatives for advertising campaigns;
  • prepare visualizations and illustrations for publications;
  • arrange presentations, commercial offers, email newsletters;
  • the interface of applications and services will work.

SMM specialist

Expert in social networks and targeted advertising in social networks.

Tasks for an SMM specialist:
  • analysis of competitors and their offers;
  • definition of an advertising campaign strategy;
  • preparation of technical specifications for a designer, copywriter for the development of advertising creatives;
  • launch and optimization of advertising;
  • reducing the cost and increasing the number of applications through social networks.

web developer

A person who creates and optimizes the WEB-sites of the project and achieves correct synchronized work without errors.

Tasks for a Web Developer
  • layout of page templates for the site, making changes;
  • setting up integration with online services, connecting analytics code, mailing lists, etc.;
  • optimization of payment acceptance, correct operation of online forms;
  • solution of all kinds of technical nuances.